Yachting style is becoming more and more attractive for people of different ages, professions and financial capabilities. And all these people need, first of all, up-to-date and reliable information about a variety of yachting. Internet resource Flotilia.com began its work at an amazing time! The time of formation of yachting worldwide.

From the very beginning of our work, the goal of our project was to cover all aspects of yachting life. Where and what kind of yacht or boat to buy, where to store it, how to maintain it and how to spend time on it - these are the first round of questions that we have tried to answer over the years of Flotilia.com's existence.

Today we face new challenges. Tell our visitors about where to go on a yacht, how to rent a yacht and take part in regattas or flotillas, where to find a professional skipper and where to turn if you decide to become a yacht captain yourself. In the last year, we had to re-learn how to travel in a changed world, and we share this experience with our readers.

In addition, we continue to publish unique materials on Flotilia.com, information for which we receive from primary sources: from manufacturers of yachts and boats, dealers, representatives of yacht clubs, athletes and professional marine travellers.

Flotilia.com was also created as a platform for the exchange of opinions and experience, where experts on various yachting issues can speak out. Here you can find out the opinions of representatives of different segments of the domestic yachting business and related areas. And, of course, we cannot ignore the topic of sports yachting. Every day Flotilia.com publishes the latest news from the world's prestigious regattas and competitions, the site contains articles about the history of sailing, information about the sports classes of ships.

Every day new information is posted on the Flotilia.com website, which will certainly be useful to you.

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