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Princess - yachts of the leading English manufacturer Princess Yachts, whose shipyards are located in Plymouth, England.

Princess yachts around the world have proven themselves to be a unique combination of such qualities as reliability, seaworthiness, safety, speed, impeccable comfort and perfect design. They differ in a variety of a model range, technical characteristics, English quality and design.

Russian Newsweek called Princess yachts a symbol of Moscow Region shipping. And Forbes, in its review of the yacht market, recognized Princess as one of the most popular yachts in Russia: “The popularity of this brand in Russia can be compared with the popularity of Mercedes cars. It is known for certain that the first yacht imported to Russia in 1997 was the Princess.”

These motor yachts are most adapted to both the Mediterranean climate and the Russian climatic conditions.
They are characterized by a large cruising range, powerful engines, excellent seaworthiness, the ability to compete in speed with sports boats (capable of speeds from 30 to 40 knots). The presence of a garage for a jet ski or an inflatable boat, a large space for sunbathing create additional comfort.

Princess yachts are in series production in 18 models: 11 flybridge and 7 sport yachts in sizes ranging from 42ft to 95ft.

The Princess is easily recognizable by its graceful lines and understated finishes. Behind this elegant appearance lies the latest in hull design and manufacturing technology, allowing the vessel to reach higher speeds and provide increased levels of safety and comfort even in the most challenging seas.