To enter Turkey, foreigners will have to obtain a HES code

In the Republic of Turkey, a government order began to operate on filling out special online questionnaires upon arrival in the country to receive the so-called health code - HES code.

A document in electronic or printed form must be provided during check-in for a flight. You may also be asked to present it at the Turkish border. In the absence of such a questionnaire or if false information is indicated in it, tourists can expect legal or administrative restrictions, up to a ban on entry into the state.

The online form should be filled out on the official website of the Turkish Ministry of Health, no later than 72 hours before arrival in the republic. According to representatives of the department, the health code is planned to be used in order to contact tourists if the fact of their contact with those infected with the Chinese virus while traveling in Turkish territory is established.

Visitors are required to present the HES code when visiting the mall and government organizations throughout the country. In Istanbul, you will need a code in order to visit catering establishments, beauty salons, hammams, spa centers, wedding salons, gyms and fitness rooms, cinemas.            

Now the health code is available to all citizens who live in Turkey on a permanent basis.  

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