Tag: Frauscher

In 2027, the shipyard will solemnly celebrate 100 years since its founding. Main products: extra-class pleasure boats with a length of 5 to 9 meters. Key boats of the lineup: Benaco 909, St.Tropez 750/757, Lido 680/686.

In total, the shipyard's lineup includes: 6 motor boats with the possibility of installing a conventional, electric or hybrid engine, 3 sailing yachts. The main Crossmarket projects: cooperation with the Austrian company Steyr Motors, the automobile concern Volkswagen, the Swiss watch company Ulysse Nardin. Portrait of a potential buyer in Russia: the owner of a house by the water.

Benefits: Installing an electric or hybrid engine allows you to reduce the noise level when moving away from the pier, without disturbing your neighbors and without exceeding the permissible noise levels in a residential area.