Alva Ocean Eco 60 Coupe

The yacht features a low profile silhouette, high performance and spacious layout.

The German shipyard Alva Yachts, which specializes in the construction of next-generation motor yachts and cruising catamarans, has introduced the new Ocean Eco 60 Coupe model, perhaps the most sporty in the 18-meter line of yachts.

The new catamaran is the continuation of the Eco 60 and Eco 60 Explorer series, elegant catamarans with a low profile silhouette, high performance and spacious layout.

The model is distinguished by a combination of luxury, comfort and environmental friendliness. The catamaran is produced with two electric motors with a power of 250 kW, powered by a battery with a capacity of up to 280 kW/h. On an area of more than 80 square meters, solar panels are located, allowing for up to 18 kW / h, and this is one of the best indicators in the class. The batteries are complemented by two diesel generators producing up to 2 x 100 kWh each. In a more environmentally friendly modification, the owner is invited to choose methanol fuel cells.

The maximum speed of the Ocean Eco 60 Coupe is 20 knots. Alva Yachts promises that the innovative vessel will be able to run on solar power for a whole day in sunny weather and at speeds up to 5 knots. In combined mode, the cruising range will increase to 4500 km.

The interiors of the new eco-catamaran are distinguished by a minimalist style and design characteristic of a German shipyard. The decoration uses natural materials and natural light, while the open floor plan creates a feeling of spaciousness and freedom. The new yacht is expected to enter production before the end of 2022.

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