Russian airlines were given permission to fly to Croatia and Montenegro

The Federal Air Transport Agency issued permits to Russian airlines for regular flights to a number of states. Such an order was posted yesterday on the official website of the federal agency.  

Aeroflot was granted access to daily flights to the Omani capital Muscat, as well as to Dubrovnik and Pula (Croatia). Ural Airlines received permission for flights to Montenegro and Serbia, in particular, from regional airports. Twice a week, the air carrier will be able to fly from St. Petersburg to Tivat (Montenegro). One flight per week is provided from Kazan, Ufa and Rostov-on-Don. Permits were also issued for flights to Belgrade - from Moscow (3 times), St. Petersburg (2 times), Kazan, Samara and Rostov-on-Don (once each).

The Federal Air Transport Agency noted that the issuance of permits does not provide for the resumption of flights on international routes, but only entitles carriers to use permits after restrictions on flights between countries are lifted.

Of all the above states, flights can only be operated to Serbia. Despite the fact that Montenegro and Oman opened entry for Russian tourists, flights between the countries have not yet resumed.      

At the moment, the prospects for restoring air traffic with these states are not clear. According to a source close to the leadership of the federal agency, the process of resuming air traffic will continue, but it is difficult to accurately predict the next candidate states.    

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