St. Petersburg and federal agencies are working together to develop amendments that will simplify the legislation on yacht tourism.

This was told by the head of the committee for the development of tourism in St. Petersburg, Sergei Korneev. As Korneev clarified, now international tourism is limited by a whole series of formalities, and there are restrictions even in border issues. Therefore, the idea arose to simplify the legislation, to make it possible to coordinate the entry of foreign yachts through a faster and simpler procedure. According to global practice, yachts can notify their entry into the port without prior approval.

Simplification measures are supported by transport workers and border guards. The delay occurs in matters of legal technique, as the adoption of regulations takes a long time. By the way, the Baltic region fully supports these measures, and although yachting is developing more actively in the Baltics than in St. Petersburg, they are sure that St. Petersburg is the most attractive port among others in this region.

According to experts, about 10 thousand yachts, boats and other vessels will be able to enter the port of St. Petersburg during the year, if the international route is opened without restrictions. Half of the indicated number are calls for internal movements. All interviewed experts are sure that it will not be possible to expand yachting routes without St. Petersburg.

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