Analytical companies from Turkey have calculated statistics on hotels that are already open and ready to receive guests after air traffic between Turkey and Russia is fully resumed.

As it turned out, in the most popular cities among tourists - Istanbul and Antalya - mainly five-star hotels were opened.

Turkish resorts are most often interesting for tourists from Russia and Germany. But since the pandemic has significantly spoiled holiday plans in recent months, both countries have banned travel to resorts and canceled flights between countries. As a result, Turkey's hotel market has begun to reshape.

Many Turkish hotels now receive so-called “health certificates” and have launched special protocols for receiving guests to guarantee safety. However, they are still not open. Belek boasts that only 40% hotels have opened there, only 35% have opened in Kemer, Alanya is still behind with only 20% hotels opened.

At the same time, most of the opened hotels have five stars. More than half of the opened hotels in Kemer and Belek are five-star, 40% open hotels in Alanya are also in this category. The economy segment is in no hurry to open, many small and inexpensive hotels cannot afford to comply with all the requirements of the authorities and carry out anti-virus measures. There are 250 economy class hotels in Alanya, of which only 10% have started working. Experts note that this year Turkey may not practice accommodation in the economy segment.

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