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Azimut Benetti - a legendary name in shipbuilding, is a company that rightfully ranks first in the world in the construction of exclusive motor yachts from 12 meters in length. Besides, Azimut Benetti is the company with the largest volume of investments in this area.

Azimut Benetti Group specializes in yachts from 12 to 72 meters long, Benetti ocean cruisers. Each yacht that has been branded Azimut Benetti, is a real work of art created by Italian shipbuilding virtuosos, designers and architects. All vessels are equipped with the latest technology.

Each yacht of this shipyard is something more than just a yacht. For example, Azimut 105 goes beyond the concept of "vehicle", it is more like a houseboat, this effect is achieved thanks to the multi-level stairs on it. Even the master cabin is two-level: the bedroom is on the main deck, and the bathroom is on the lower one. But the main surprise is the felling. On a super-modern yacht, the watch has to be kept standing! There is simply no provision for a captain's chair. As the creators of the yacht say, since the ship is serious, then it needs to be managed seriously.

The secret of the company's success lies in its founder. Paolo Vitelli founded the company in 1969 and built it into a shipbuilding empire. At first he wanted to start a simple charter company, but then he became interested in building yachts, to the point of becoming a leader in the construction of pleasure ships from 24 meters in length, 70-meter megayachts and the owner of shipyards in different parts of the world. Now, for example, he is involved in the construction of a yacht club in Moscow. The lineup Azimut Benetti includes Flybridge 39', 43', 46', 47, 50', 55', 58 (new!), 62', 68', 75', 80, 85'Ultimate, 98'Leonardo, 105' and 116'ft , as well as Open S- 43s, 62s, 68s, 86s, as well as a novelty in 2007 - Azimut 103s.