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Company Malibu boats appeared in 1982. It was founded by Bob Alkem. Together with a friend, they created a company that initially produced up to two boats a week, and by 1996 became the world's largest manufacturer of boats. Today it is the best company that produces towing boats. The latest models of boats are aimed at families who are engaged in water skiing. In 2006 the company Malibu boats presented at the boat show in Dusseldorf its next creation for wakeboarders - the Wakesetter series boat, 247 LSV. In general, the boats of the Wakesetter series are something special. They create a wave for the rider thanks to a special plow-shaped bottom. The navigator can change not only the speed, but also the angle of position of the plow in the water; in this he is helped by a hydraulic control system. The boat can accommodate 16 people, there is plenty of seating, although the length of the boat does not exceed 7.5 meters. The boat accelerates to 52 km/h in 5 seconds.

Today Malibu boats offers four series of sports boats:

- Performance series, winner of many competitions and holder of 11 world records. It is distinguished by its versatility - on such a boat you can take part in a race, go fishing, or take a short trip.

— Family Performance series, family yacht. The Family Performance series combines the power of a sports boat with the comfort of a luxury yacht.

- Sport-V series with perfect control, raised nose, inexpensive price.

— Wakesetter series, a bright sports boat for water skiing.