Malibu Boats introduced an improved version of the M240 boat

The shipbuilding company Malibu Boats, which specializes in the production and sale of tugboats, presented an improved version of the unique boat M240 - M220.

Commenting on the novelty, representatives of the shipyard noted that, like all predecessors, the M220 model was developed taking into account the wishes and requirements of customers. Sales of the M240 boat already at the start predicted a great success and collected a lot of positive feedback. Therefore, the company decided to create a more compact version of the unique boat.

Both vessels have the so-called M-Line hull, which is characterized by a high freeboard. This hull design allows the boat to navigate rough waters with confidence, ensuring extreme ease of handling. The Quad Hard Tank ballast system implemented in the M220, equipped with high-speed pumps, makes it possible to significantly reduce the time to prepare for surfing.           

One of the main indicators of the "coolness" of the boat is the type and power of the power plant. The M220 is equipped with a Malibu Monsoon M6Di engine with a return of 430 hp and direct injection. Such a motor is recognized in its class as the most economical, environmentally friendly, silent and high-performance. Consumers can choose other types of motors in terms of power for individual configuration.

Undoubtedly, Malibu Boats is a leader in the industry. Each new product of the company, in particular the M220, is a real masterpiece in shipbuilding, which offers consumers to experience a completely new level of life.

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