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Riva - one of the oldest and most respectable shipyards in Italy. It bears the name of its creator - Pietro Riva. The skilled boatman founded the shipyard in the middle of the 19th century.

The son of Pietro Ernesto increased his father's skills: he introduced piston engines into the production of ships.

The new heir - Serafino Riva - focused on the construction of boats. It was during his time that the company achieved considerable fame, and the name Riva was taken as a sign of quality.

In 2000 Riva became part of the Ferretti Group. Three years later, a factory appeared in La Spezia, specializing in the production of yachts over 65 feet long.

Today, the company's lineup includes super and mega yachts, sports yachts and executive boats.

The company produces sports yachts from 33 to 67.5 feet in length. Latest sports model Riva - 68 Ego - has an engine capacity of 3100 horsepower.

Riva produces two models of executive boats: the 30-foot Shuttle and the 33-foot Sunriva.

The new yachts 68′ Ego, 115′ Athena, Shuttle, 63′ Vertigo, 75′ Venere and 85′ Opera Super, which have recently appeared on the shipbuilding market, have impressed competitors and buyers Riva strong impression.

Today Riva is a brand with a century and a half, almost legendary history, which can be equated with such concepts as prestige, privilege, selectivity and luxury.