On September 4, at the Venice Film Festival, the premiere of the short film "Riva at the Cinema" was shown.

The plot of the film is very cute and will not leave anyone indifferent. The protagonist is walking around Saint-Marco Square with a huge box in his hands. Suddenly, he saw a woman in a snow-white dress and gets into the boat Aquariva, takes him along the Grand Canal to the Lido.

As a result, the hero passes the box to a little boy, perhaps he himself in childhood. The boy opens the box, and then the most incredible adventures begin to happen. The film was written by Armando Testa and directed by Federico Brugia. As a musical accompaniment, a soundtrack was taken in honor of the brilliant composer Nino Rote.

According to the head of the Riva Yacht brand, the film is dedicated to everyone who believes in magic, imagination and talent. By the way, the brand's products have long and firmly won a place in the film industry. To date, 39 Italian and foreign films and blockbusters are known.

Of the most famous films, it is worth mentioning Mambo (1954), Only Girls in Jazz (1959), a series of films about James Bond, Luc Besson's Nikita (1990) and others. Fragments of these and other popular paintings with boats and yachts of the brand can be found on the social network Twitter using the hashtag #RivaInTheMovie.

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