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Autumn has become a time of triumph for Timmerman Yachts. Vladimir Shchelin spoke about the achievements of the shipyard.

flotilia.com: Vladimir Sergeevich, how was the presentation of Timmerman Yachts projects at the boat show in Cannes and Monaco?

Vladimir Sergeevich: We had great success at the exhibitions. And it was not only ours, but also the overall success of Russian shipbuilding. In Cannes, thanks to the high appreciation of our two projects - Timmerman 33 "Victoria M" and Timmerman 47 "Alexandra" - we became the winners of the World Yachts Trophies 2008 in the Best Development Award nomination.

The Timmerman 33 and Timmerman 47 were the winners of the 2008 World Yachts Trophies in the Best Development Award.

flotilia.com: What is World Yachts Trophies?

V.S.: This is an award established by the international publication Yachts, together with the organizers of the Festival de la Plaisance in Cannes. Representatives of the award saw our yachts in the spring. They expressed their wish to see the Timmerman 33 and Timmerman 47 at the boat show. At both exhibitions, the surprise and respect of the public was caused by the fact that both yachts came to Cannes and Monaco directly from Moscow, calling at Sochi for the final sea trials. The yachts have traveled 4,500 nautical miles. Timmerman 33 got into three six-point storms, and Timmerman 47 calmly withstood a seven-point storm in the Mediterranean Sea, after which the yachts were presented to the public without any problems. For everyone, this was another confirmation that Timmerman yachts have excellent sailing characteristics.

flotilia.com: How was Alexandr`y received in Monaco?

VS: After our success in Cannes, this yacht was expected with double anticipation and the reception was very good. All Russian leading experts and those who are directly related to the Russian yacht business, from plastic boat dealers to Roman Abramovich, who visited our yacht, spoke positively about the Timmerman 47. Our work was highly appreciated by the owners of Russian yacht building companies, such as Hotcha, Ozernaya shipyard, etc., as well as the owners of foreign shipyards. All these people were on our yacht, and also came to our reception.

flotilia.com: Were any agreements reached with potential clients during the exhibitions?

V.S.: You know, of course, there was interest. But, you yourself understand that agreements on the construction of mega yachts are not concluded according to the principle: you came, you saw and signed the contract. Moreover, competition in our segment will now intensify due to the global financial crisis.

flotilia.com: How do you think this crisis will affect the yacht market and specifically the segment in which you work?

V.S.: During the exhibitions, manufacturers of serial plastic yachts and boats stated that the purchasing power, of course, has decreased. And therefore, the production volumes that the shipyards have laid down for the near future may turn out to be excessive, but this is the reaction of this segment. If we talk about our segment, then there will be no less rich people because of the crisis. Ten will go broke, five will get rich. Therefore, super and mega yachts will be built. Another question is that when such shake-ups occur in world markets, rich people pay more attention to solving these problems, so emotionally and psychologically the topic of building a yacht fades into the background. But it is impossible to say that the crisis affects the purchasing power of our clients.

flotilia.com: Your work was highly appreciated by the world yachting community, can you formulate the main components of your success?

Practice has shown that we have chosen the right price / length / quality / equipment ratio for our yachts.

V.S.: Practice has shown that we chose the right price/length/quality/complete ratio for our yachts. Market professionals, in particular brokers, correctly perceived our policy, although at first glance, the price of our yachts may seem high, given that the length we have. But if you look at what equipment we offer for this length and what quality of workmanship, then all questions disappear. We are not building some toys for which any storm is a test, but real ships, with the maximum number of systems, with a very reliable navigation system, with a reliable hull, adapted to both Russian and tropical conditions. Our yachts can also freeze into broken ice or follow the icebreaker on broken ice! Therefore, when the similar size of other manufacturers and our yachts are put on the scales, then in terms of configuration and all these consumer properties, our boats turn out to be several orders of magnitude higher.

flotilia.com: What is the main result of the presentation of your projects at the largest boat shows?

V.S.: An interesting highlight was that Timmerman 47 came to Monaco in Port Hercule under the Russian flag. For the first time in the entire modern history of yacht building, a completely Russian-made yacht under our flag stood in the main port of the Principality.

For the first time in the entire modern history of yacht building, a completely Russian-made yacht under our flag stood in the main port of the Principality.

This could not but cause pride in us and our compatriots who visited the exhibition. And the main result is very simple - everyone is convinced that Timmerman Yachts builds very good, reliable, stylish, unique boats. All these epithets are fully deserved by us. Timmerman Yachts is now ranked against the world's top yacht builders. Suffice it to say that at least 15 of the world's leading yacht designers were present at our gala reception, with most of whom we successfully cooperate, many of them are looking forward to the implementation and presentation of our joint projects to the public. Guido de Groot, as well as decorator Olga Kushnareva, worked on the creation of the Victoria M interior. The exquisite interiors of the yacht Alexandra were developed by the English studio Bannenberg Designs Ltd. The interior was made by the Austrian company SINNEX. The boats turned out to be really unique, inimitable, each in its own way.

If we are talking about the Timmerman 40, then we must definitely mention the interior design and the reworking of the deck plans, carried out by the famous Dutch studio Rene van der Velden, the decoration by the Cannes designers Larvor Interior Designers. All these designers have realized that it is mutually beneficial to work with us, they are proud to cooperate with us, especially seeing how the public accepts our joint work. Moreover, Timmerman 33 and Timmerman 47 are no longer semi-custom, but completely custom projects made according to the wishes of customers. And the professionals who saw these yachts at the shows could not help but appreciate this, because, for example, Timmerman 33 is the rarest case of individual construction in such a length.

flotilia.com: In your last interview with our site, you said that in the next three years you plan to launch at least three yachts a year? Will the public see them?

V.S.: Showing a yacht is not only our will, but also an agreement with the customer. Of course, we will strive to agree and show. It is necessary to show, customers understand this too.

flotilia.com: What yachts are you planning to commission in the near future? Which of the yachts is the most anticipated for you?

V.S.: Very soon we are giving Timmerman 40 and Timmerman 26 to customers. In two or three weeks, TM 40 will go to the Black Sea, and TM 26 will go for testing. As for the most anticipated one, each of our vessels is unique, has its own philosophy and character, and I look forward to the delivery of each one with excitement.

Text: Ekaterina Sokolova.

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