Stability Yachts SWATH

SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) technology, used on Stability Yachts, significantly increases the stability of the vessel on the water.

Previously, SWATH was used by the military in deep sea research and was not available in private shipbuilding. This technology completely eliminates all sudden movements of the boat and significantly reduces them vertically, which solves a key problem - the stability of the yacht on the water. The designers intend to ensure that the vessel is stable in any extreme situations. In calm weather, SWATH is not required. Depending on the weather, the boat can change its characteristics and adapt to existing conditions. It is especially noteworthy that almost anyone can manage such a yacht, even a person in a wheelchair. On the high seas, SWATH technology allows waves to pass "through" the boat without causing sway. Maneuverability, excellent air conditioning, stability on the water - all these important qualities make it possible to use the yacht to overcome long distances.

One of the hallmarks of the Stability Yachts is their practicality. You can land a small helicopter on the deck, as well as equip part of its area under a platform for jumping into the water, catching fish, and a place for sunbathing.

Thus, yachts can be adapted to almost any purpose. The new design of boats, distinguished by originality and originality, at the same time meets all the necessary requirements and safety standards. The development of the yachts was carried out very meticulously, and as a result they are light and maneuverable at sea.

Text: Polina Nesterovich

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