Not being able to hold the usual presentations and events, yacht manufacturers are actively mastering virtual worlds. 

The coronavirus pandemic has brought major changes to our daily lives. Not only virtual meetings, but also all kinds of virtual screenings have become the norm. But if such a presentation of some electronic device is generally perceived as normal, then the absence of yacht exhibitions and presentations of new models causes indelible longing for people who were active visitors to this type of event.

Needless to say, a yacht is something that I would like to come into close contact with, digitization does not help much here. But various companies do not give up hope to make virtual presentations as close as possible to real events, to give everyone who wants to feel at least some of those feelings. For example, the virtual showroom, called A-room, was recently introduced by the Italian manufacturer Azimut Yachts. It is stated that this is the easiest and safest way to get acquainted with the company's new products.

Having visited site specially created for this, you will find yourself in a three-dimensional virtual space that exactly recreates the Azimut Yachts booth - right down to the meeting sofas, though empty. The room is recreated in the smallest detail, you can freely "rotate your head" in all directions, looking at the floor under the "legs" or the ceiling, moving from one part of the interior to another. As you approach the various booths, you can open windows with additional information, photo galleries and videos.

The highlight of the virtual hall is the main stage, on which the latest novelty of the shipyard is located - at the time of writing the news, this is the S3 yacht. In the near future, this stand will be used to demonstrate the latest Azimut 53 Flybridge.

According to company representatives, such a virtual showroom is a system “that will allow you to effectively interact with owners, clients and yachting enthusiasts, including on an emotional level.” The shipyard is actively looking for new ways to interact with its customers and the emergence of such virtual spaces is another step towards improving the customer experience.

This is not the first time that Azimut Yachts is experimenting with virtual spaces. So, in the spring of 2020, the company already presented something similar. A Virtual Lounge was created and used for a three-day show during which the first online sale in the history of the shipyard took place (it was an Azimut S6 yacht).

It is not yet clear what will happen to such virtual exhibition halls when the pandemic is finally over and it will be possible to attend regular events again. There is an opinion that they will not go anywhere, supplementing the events in reality, becoming another way for the shipyard to interact with customers.

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