Koru yacht

The $485 million yacht recently completed trials in the North Sea.

Billionaire Jeff Bezos got his new yacht Koru. The 417-foot vessel is the tallest sailboat in the world, with masts over 230 feet long. The $485 million boat recently completed trials in the North Sea and was delivered to her owner by Oceanico. It is known that Koru is currently making her maiden voyage to Gibraltar.

The yacht is among the 25 largest ships ever to leave Dutch ports. Last year, Oceanico tried negotiating with the Rotterdam authorities to temporarily dismantle the medieval bridge to allow the sailboat to pass on the high seas. However, residents staged protests, after which it was decided to run the yacht through the city without a mast.

The designers working on the exterior and interior of the new boat remain undisclosed. Koru, which means "new beginning" in Maori, has a sleek black hull and white superstructure. The aft deck has a roomy pool and lounge area.

Notably, the yacht cannot take a helicopter on board due to her design, so an auxiliary ship, the Wingman, has been created to accommodate it. The 246-foot yacht also accommodates numerous tenders and Koru water toys.

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