Damen Cassius

The cruising speed of the vessel is 10 knots, and the maximum cruising range is 12,000 nautical miles.

Swedish designer Dennis Ingemansson has completed the renovation of the 61m Shelf Express commercial vessel. As a result, a “world exploration yacht” was created on its basis.

The redesigned yacht, the result of a collaboration between C-Quest Yachts, Dennis Ingemansson and Njord by Bergman Design House, has been named Cassius.

As part of the project to transform the Damen vessel into a “world exploration yacht,” Ingemansson was redesigning the exterior. The vessel received two new decks - one of them is used as a full-fledged helipad, and the other serves for additional comfort of guests.

After the completion of the reconstruction, the total carrying capacity of the vessel increased by 1.5 thousand tons. The yacht is capable of accommodating up to twelve guests and up to 16 crew members, as well as ample storage space.

Below deck, Cassius features a cinema room, a floodlit pool and a spa for guests. The cruising speed of the ship is 10 knots, and the maximum cruising range is 12,000 nautical miles.

In line with the latest trends, Njord by Bergman has developed the concept of Cassius interiors, following a sustainable development strategy. During construction, the negative impact on the environment was minimized. The interior of the vessel, which uses eco-woods, marble and gold details, is characterized as “masculine, but at the same time feminine”.

“We follow natural beauty, not trends,” commented Albin Berglund, co-founder of Bergman Interiors. “Nature is wild and powerful, but it must be preserved. Every element has been carefully thought out to the smallest detail.”

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