Ecclestone buys Briatore yacht at auction

Former Formula 1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone has auctioned off the luxurious 63-meter Force Blue megayacht, once owned by former Formula 1 chief Flavio Briatore.

The purchase cost the 90-year-old ex-manager about 7.5 million euros.

Recall that a few years ago, Italian justice found Briatore guilty of serious violations of tax laws. In this regard, the court seized the businessman's watercraft, and later confiscated it. Briatone's lawyers filed more than one appeal, but could not change the court's decision. As a result, Force Blue was put up for auction, where it was bought by Ecclestone.

It should be noted that at one time the yacht, created in 2002 by the Dutch shipyard Royal Denship, was estimated at 20 million euros. Therefore, we can say that the ex-head of Formula 1 got the boat at a very low price.

Briatore and Ecclestone have been maintaining business and friendly relations for many years, so it is possible that the former and new owners of the yacht will be able to agree on its joint operation.

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