The unique design is striking both visually and functionally.

Italian designer Enzo Manca has unveiled his latest superyacht concept, UAE One, a futuristic 140m vessel designed to stand out from conventional mega-yachts. The original concept was designed specifically for the United Arab Emirates to make her the official flagship yacht of the state.

The Italian designer worked in collaboration with Sheikh to ensure that the superyacht meets the needs of the UAE, with an emphasis on privacy and space for international meetings.
The exterior design of UAE One is inspired by the ships of the navy and features distinctive curved lines. Tinted mirrored windows and sober styling add an element of privacy to the yacht, making it ideal for high-profile guests and VIPs.

The superyacht occupies nine decks with an area of 30,000 sq. feet and rises 40 meters in height. The spacious circular deck features two helipads, an 18-meter swimming pool, and a wellness and spa center for a luxurious experience.

There is also a huge round sofa in the bow of the vessel, nestled around a central fireplace with panoramic views. The interior of the yacht includes the owner's cabin, eight master cabins and 14 mini suites. Official interior design renderings are currently under development.

In addition to luxurious living quarters, the yacht features three additional meeting rooms and a press area for private international meetings and gatherings. The 35 crew cabins can accommodate up to 65 personnel to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the superyacht.

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