Volkswagen electric platform used to create a yacht

Silent-Yachts is working on a boat based on Volkswagen's MEB electric platform.

According to Electrive, Volkswagen is working with Austrian shipyard Silent-Yachts to build a catamaran yacht based on the MEB platform used by the German brand to build electrified vehicles. The design of the electric boat will be developed by the Cupra brand, a subsidiary of SEAT, specializing in the production of electric cars.

It is assumed that the official debut of the catamaran will take place next year.

Judging by the photos, the boat will get a rather futuristic design. There will be solar panels on the roof. In the future, the shipbuilding company plans to produce from 50 copies per year.

Volkswagen noted that the development of such a yacht will demonstrate to consumers the flexibility of the platform, its technical advantages, as well as prove that mobility, good power reserve, and comfort in handling are also important for the open sea. 

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