Air Yacht

Air Yacht will be able to navigate the sky for two days at a speed of about 60 knots.

The Italian design studio Lazzarini decided on a bold experiment - for the first time in history, to combine a luxury yacht and a private jet in one concept. The result is a breathtaking prototype of the 150m Air Yacht.

According to the plan of the designers, the ship can be equipped with eight electric motors, rotating in the opposite direction and powered by ultra-light batteries and solar panels. Thanks to this equipment, Air Yacht will be able to navigate the sky for two days at a speed of about 60 knots and leave no harmful emissions in the atmosphere.

“With Air Yacht, it is possible to soar in the sky without future-damaging emissions,” commented Lazzarini, noting that the concept is a kind of “greener” alternative to jet fuel-powered private jets.

The unusual yacht is constructed from ultra-light carbon fiber, which is characterized by increased strength. And in appearance, Air Yachts resemble an elegant and stylish guest from the future.

In the central torpedo-shaped part of the sky yacht, there is a living room and a dining room. The space is connected by carbon bridges to two airships that keep the ship in the sky by filling with helium. Between them are 10 guest suites with panoramic views. On both sides of the vessel are compartments resembling balloons in shape. The inflatable base also allows the vessel to float above the surface of the water when an Air Yacht owner prefers the sea to heaven. The cost of a miracle yacht capable of conquering the heavenly space will be, presumably, about 627.5 million dollars.

“The vessel is not intended for tourism purposes. It is rather created for a private owner who wants to have both a superyacht and an evolution in aviation,” Lazzarini noted.

Today, a new type of transport is rather a path to the future, which engineers and designers will not be able to overcome in the near future. But Lazzarini promised that the prototype of the first model from the air series will take to the air as early as 2022. Today, a collection of structures of various lengths to create the transport of the future is at the design and prototyping stage. Perhaps before the end of the decade, Air Yacht will begin to take on board the first passengers.

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