World's first high-speed electric boat charger introduced

The widespread emergence of such charging stations will allow owners of boats with electric motors to safely go on long journeys.

While it used to take a long time to fully charge the batteries of a boat with an electric motor, with the new high-speed charger, whose power is 150 kW, half an hour will be enough. Such an opportunity has appeared for the owners of electric boats in the harbor of Floro on the west coast of Norway.

It should be noted that the installed charger is also the world's first combined charger. The fact is that it can be used for both electric boats and electric vehicles. Anyone can use the device, for this you only need to install a special application on your smartphone.

The project was implemented by the joint efforts of the energy companies SFE and BKK, the local city council and the Norwegian manufacturer Evoy, which specializes in the development of electric motors for ships ranging in length from 5 to 15 meters. In particular, the company is currently developing the world's most powerful outboard electric motor, whose power is 450 hp. This solution should appear on sale by 2025 and it is not surprising that the manufacturer is interested in expanding the network of charging stations by then.

According to SFE CEO Johannes Rauboti, this is just the beginning and in the future the number of such charges will only increase - plans are in place to build a charging infrastructure throughout the country.

Moreover, the possibility of entering the markets of other countries is being considered. This would allow owners of boats with electric motors to go on long journeys without worrying about battery levels. To recharge, you no longer have to stand idle for a long time in different harbors. 

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