Although Russia is considered a cold country, in fact, even in October you can still relax on the water, you just need to know how.

There are as many as seven options for water recreation, not including swimming, and even beginners can use them, the review says. First of all, it is windsurfing. A small gust of wind is enough to set the mini-sailboat in motion.

Supsurfing is suitable even for those who first sat on the board. Wind for skiing is not needed, as the movement through the water occurs with the help of an oar. Interested in yachting? Then you can go to the yacht club and try to use your own body weight to control the sailboat and stay on the surface of the water.

For kitesurfing, you need to move under the influence of the traction force that appears due to the kite-kite. You can fully master such skating in a couple of weeks, and even faster if you wish. With wakeboarding, the situation is more complicated, it looks beautiful when skill has already appeared. Beginners will have to work hard to learn how to at least maintain balance.

Water skiing is one of the easiest water activities. And besides, very funny. Masters can even perform tricks, but even just sliding behind the boat on the water is already exciting. Flyboarding is relatively new entertainment. Means flying on a board over water. With strong waves, you can fly up to almost 20 meters.

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