The creator of the world's largest sailing yacht went bankrupt

The German shipyard Nobiskrug, famous for building a number of unique ships, has filed for bankruptcy.

The most famous creation of the shipyard, which is part of the German Naval Yards Holdings GmbH (GNYH) group, is the world's largest sailing yacht "A", owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. This unique vessel is 144.03 meters long, capable of speeds up to 21 knots and has an exceptionally stylish and memorable design. Nobiskrug had other, less well-known, but no less interesting projects. In total, over the years of its existence, the shipyard, founded in 1905 in Rendsburg, has built more than 750 ships.

It would seem that the business of a company that creates revolutionary projects should go, if not excellently, then very well. But in practice, everything turned out to be completely different. Several specialized German publishers reported that Nobiskrug had to file for bankruptcy. Nobiskrug reportedly went through a "breakthrough" that had negative implications for investment and potential profitability. According to a company representative, the situation was exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, due to which a number of orders were lost. A number of gross managerial errors were also made.

It is noteworthy that the company faced financial difficulties against the backdrop of a generally very good situation in the superyacht market. Despite the economic difficulties of the last year, the demand for luxury vessels built using the latest technology and complying with all environmental standards has never been greater. At least, this is what Forbes publishing house claims, whose journalists have repeatedly interviewed many shipbuilders.

The further future of Nobiskrug itself and its companies is still unknown. With a high degree of probability, the shipyard's assets will be willingly acquired by its competitors. The company's 330 specialists with truly unique experience will not be left without work.

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