Swan 108 is the latest addition to the Swan Maxi range

The Finnish shipyard Nautor's Swan has announced the completion of the Swan Maxi lineup with another sailboat - the Swan 108.

Technically, the novelty is an evolution of the previous Maxi Swan models. Remaining recognizable in appearance and designed according to the same principles and taking into account all the accumulated experience, she was built with a number of innovative solutions that have never been used by a Finnish shipyard before. In the lineup, it occupies a space between Swan 98 and Swan 120.

Created thanks to the collaboration of international designers Herman Frers, Mies Poggi and Lucio Micheletti, this yacht is characterized by excellent seaworthiness and is able to offer a high level of comfort for both the owner and his guests. She was created for those who want to get something more than a sailing yacht for weekend cruises.

As the name immediately suggests, the length of the new yacht is 108 feet or 33 meters (35 meters if you count with the bowsprit). The width of the vessel is 7.5 meters, and the draft is 4.9 meters (may be more with the keel lowered).

On board there is enough space for the owner's cabin (located in the bow), three guest cabins and three small cabins for the crew located in the aft. All cabins have private bathrooms, which contribute to increased comfort and privacy. At the same time, there is still room for a separate galley and a spacious saloon with a large dining table and two sofas. We are talking about a standard layout, but buyers can make their own wishes in the layout.

Also, the buyer can choose between a regular and folding transom, which turns into a place for swimming and sunbathing. At the same time, the helms are moved forward, which not only frees up additional space in the stern, but also increases the convenience of controlling the vessel, thanks to improved visibility. In the middle part of the deck there is an open space for relaxation, which, if desired, can be covered with a special awning. Between this seating area and the salon there is an unusually wide gangway, as if uniting the spaces into one whole.

For the first time, information that Nautor's Swan is working on a new yacht appeared back in December 2020. Now the yacht has been officially announced. It also became known that the first buyer had already appeared. 

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