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In St. Petersburg, after the start of the navigation season, about 100 sightseeing water routes will be launched.

This was stated by the Chairman of the Union of Owners of Passenger Ships of St. Petersburg Vladimir Rodionov. The official noted that some legislative nuances that arose after the introduction of new water transport safety standards are currently being settled. In turn, all cruise ships are ready to start the navigation season as early as April 15, but the requirements for filling density of pleasure ships are not yet clear.

According to Rodionov, the cost of sightseeing tours should remain at the level of the previous year. Despite the fact that the financial situation of shipping companies is unstable, they do not plan to raise the cost. Depending on the type of program and the duration of the walk, prices will vary from 500 to 800 rubles.

Rodionov stressed that the number of city walking routes this year will also remain - about 100. However, it will not work to include walks to Kronstadt and Lakhta in the navigation. The fact is that there are very few mooring walls in Kronstadt, and the situation in Lakhta "remains unclear at all at the moment."  

In the navigation season of 2021, cruise companies are counting on domestic tourists and Petersburgers themselves. According to the expert, the current navigation season should be better than last year, if only because it starts next week, and not on June 28, like last year.

In the new season, city berth lease rights will be distributed on the basis of competitions, but the administration plans to support small businesses and provide small shipowners with some berths without bidding. Separately, the issue of developing new types of water recreation was brought up for discussion: rowing kayaks, SUP-boards and other forms of water recreation.

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