At the beginning of this summer, a significant event in the yachting industry took place in Russia: a new yacht club was opened in Moscow.

All the “bison” marinas near Moscow have received a worthy competitor in their ranks: Royal Yacht Club can offer everything, and even a little more. To find out everything for sure, our editors decided to go on a visit to the new water area.

A few tens of minutes - and here it is, the turn from the Leningradskoye highway, leading to the yacht club, located on the territory of the Dynamo water stadium. Right there you will find a fork in which you will have to decide on a difficult choice: the first-class Royal Yacht Club marina or the stunning Beach Club beach. It is no wonder if yacht lovers choose the first one, leaving their desire to lie down on a sun lounger for a little later. For about a couple of hours. That is how long the process of joining a new yacht club will take you, but to lie down on the aforementioned deck chair, but already on board your own yacht, knowing that you are still in Moscow, you must agree that this feeling is worth a lot. By the way, about prices. Their layout for this season is as follows: parking a yacht up to 9 meters will cost $ 4 per day per meter, and a vessel over 9 meters - $ 5. An important point is the fact that the water area has a great depth, from 2 to 8 meters, which will allow ships to moor even with a large draft.

Now a little about the appearance of the marina. Here everything is arranged very systematically. The first berth is designed for small boats, the rest - for those whose size is quite impressive - up to 30 meters. The yacht club can accommodate 190 vessels on its territory and currently has several dozen yachts on its territory. According to the management of the Royal Yacht Club, there is not such a large volume of rented places now due to the fact that in May (when yachtsmen acquire subscriptions for the whole summer) it was not yet clear when exactly this place would open, so most potential customers remained on the territory old bridgeheads of yacht harbors. However, walking around the marina, you can see guests from other yacht clubs looking around the property of the Royal Yacht Club with great interest with the clear intention of staying here in the near future. Actually, no one hides: most of the places are already being booked for the next season, since not everyone can pass by such a “tidbit”. To minimize the process of standing in traffic jams and afford a ship with a rather big draft, knowing that it will be possible to keep it within the boundaries of the capital - this, you see, is worth a lot.

Let's delve into the history of the place. The complex of the water stadium "Dinamo" was opened on the Leningrad highway in 1937. The author of this project is the famous architect Gennady Movchan. Initially, the water station looked something like this: there were three pools for swimming, diving and water polo on the territory. Spectator seats were located on reinforced concrete stands with a maximum capacity of three thousand people. A boathouse for academic courts was also built and several venues were organized for competitions in athletics, gymnastics and team sports. And, most importantly, even then there was a harbor for sailing and motor ships. However, as the years passed, the complex slowly but inevitably fell into disrepair. Having not been particularly damaged during the Great Patriotic War, the Dynamo water stadium has never been reconstructed for all the time. The only time it was redecorated was on the eve of the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow. Further, coups took place in the country, the commercialization of state property began, and the existence of the legendary water complex was forgotten. The harbor was biding its time. And it came in September 2005, when the owners of the (then future) Royal Yacht Club signed an agreement with the Moscow government and MGO Dynamo. The new time has come.

What is there on the territory of the Royal Yacht Club at the moment, in addition to the almost completely finished marina? Note that the harbor is equipped with electricity, cold water and Wi-Fi. A crane was installed to lift yachts for winter storage. If you walk around the territory of the yacht club, you can see a large football field behind the marina - this is where it is planned to store ships during the off-season. They are wrapped in professional materials that will save your yacht from the winter weather. Directly in front of the descent into the marina is a three-story business center building with a total area of 3,300 square meters. Today, almost all of its space is given over to the offices of yacht dealers. As you know, on the territory of the Royal Yacht Club from September 6 to 9 this year, the 14th international exhibition "Boats and Yachts" will be held, which is notable for the fact that it will be possible to contemplate an almost complete arsenal of yacht brands of the world, which other expositions cannot always boast of. It is assumed that along the marina itself, fully equipped stand-houses will be installed, and some of the exhibition participants will be placed directly on the water. At MIBS Autumn 2007 guests will find a number of new products from the leaders of the yachting business. The premiere is expected from Azimut Yachts in the face of the super-yacht Leonardo 98, on whose design Stefano Rigini and Carlo Galeazzi worked, the presentation of the new yacht of the project “23M” from Laky Verf, there will also be a show of the first transatlantic mega-yacht built in Russia - Timmerman 45 and much more.

Works on the stands and the adjacent territory are in full swing. According to an agreement with the Moscow government, the stands will be preserved in their original form. Now they are being completely reconstructed using first-class materials. To the right and left of the stands are the outbuildings of Stalin and Beria, which by the next season will turn into luxurious apartments with fantastic views of the opposite bank (Pokrovskoye-Glebovo) and the park. Also in 2008, it is planned to open a restaurant near the stands with a total area of almost a kilometer.

Well, until the restaurant construction processes are completed, yachtsmen visit the partners of the Royal Yacht Club - the Beach Club beach complex. It is located on the other side of the aforementioned spectator stands. Note that this beach is of the highest level, which provides for a paid entrance, quality service and a restaurant open at any time of the year. Without leaving the borders of Moscow, you can touch the rest that many would envy: stretch out on a sun lounger, looking at the beautiful yachts, and smoke a hookah standing next to you on the sand from the Maldives.

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