Holidays are usually associated with sun, sea, beach, sunbathing and total relaxation.

But it turns out that in Russia there are lakes that can give odds to any sea and provide rest no worse. In addition, their infrastructure is not inferior to seaside resorts. Of the additional advantages - there is not such a congestion of vacationers as in seaside resorts, and more modest prices.

Baikal remains the most beautiful lake in the country, and there is a very diverse flora and fauna, not only fresh water, which is completely unique in composition. On the coast of a giant lake there are a huge number of hotels and health resorts. The sun allows you to relax until autumn, although the water temperature is low, and the winds are constant here, which will suit the owners of sailboats.

The second in size and in the ranking of the best resort lakes is Ladoga. There are many peninsulas and islets, bays, reefs, sandy beaches, the west coast is covered with dense forest. Sometimes there are strong storms. The lake is loved by fishermen and pilgrims. Lake Baskunchak is another magnificent resort, a kind of Dead Sea with large reserves of salt, so even those who cannot swim can easily stay on the water.

Seliger combines several small lakes at once, it is good to fish there, hunt birds, and ride a boat. There are many sandy beaches and camp sites. For lovers of fishing, there is another wonderful place - Syamozero with a large number of sandy beaches. On Lake Teletskoye you can fish, go rafting, take part in bike tours and boat cruises. And on Lake Elton you won’t be able to swim because of the specific water, but there you can improve your health in coastal sanatoriums.

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