Fishermen on inflatable boats will be required to wear life jackets

In the near future, Russian fishermen on small boats will be required to acquire life jackets.

New rules of behavior on the water, concerning all types of water recreation, including fishing, will come into force on January 1 next year.    

The new norms are spelled out in three orders of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation. There are plenty of innovations, some of them are insignificant, and some are quite serious and fundamental. However, there are significant penalties for violating any of them.

To take care of their own safety will now oblige the most numerous category of lovers of water recreation - fishermen. Starting from the new year, they will have to purchase life jackets without fail and use them even if they have sailed only a meter from the shore. Also, fishermen, owners of yachts and small boats will need to take into account changes in the rules of navigation, which prohibit stopping water transport under bridges, near buoys and in the fairway.

Sufficiently serious restrictions will affect the owners of recreational boats and businessmen who provide services for riding people on bananas, catamarans, turntables, etc. Starting next year, they need to look for places away from bathing citizens. It will also be prohibited to ride people near the swimming area of the beaches.

Another significant innovation is that from 2021, pet owners are prohibited from coming to the beach with their pets. Guide dogs will be an exception.      

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