Koru Y721

Dutch Yachting has published pictures of the $0.5 billion vessel.

Billionaire Jeff Bezos' superyacht Koru was spotted in the North Sea after leaving the port of Rotterdam. Dutch Yachting published pictures of the vessel, codenamed Y721, worth about $500 million.

The yacht began testing in the North Sea a few months after the expected date of transfer to Bezos. According to expert estimates, the boat will cost Amazon's owner $25 million annually. The 417-foot-long vessel can accommodate 18 guests and 40 crew members.

The three-deck yacht also has a 250-foot-long auxiliary vessel with many water toys, luxury cars on board, and a helicopter landing pad for guests.

It was initially thought that it would require the demolition of the historic Koningshaven Bridge to get the yacht with the 229-foot masts out of the harbor. In this news, residents organized several protests. As a result, it was decided to move the vessel under construction to another shipyard.

Jeff Bezos's new yacht Koru is far from the most expensive in the world. To date, the record belongs to the vessel History Supreme, for which an unknown businessman from Malaysia paid $4.8 billion. After the tests are completed, the superyacht Koru will join Bezos' fleet of several large ships, helicopters and aircraft.

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