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Ferretti yachts is the main company of the international association Ferretti Group, which includes almost all the prestigious brands of yachts in the world. The head office of the company is located in Forli, Italy. Needless to say, Ferretti yachts today is the standard of quality?

Ferretti yachts began building pleasure boats back in 1968, and switched to large motor yachts in the 80s. The company has constantly researched and equipped its boats with technical innovations, thanks to which Ferretti yachts have won offshore championships more than once. Since 1998, Ferretti has acquired 14 shipyards, forming the Ferretti Group, which today offers the widest range of models in the world. Ferretti yachts in this group specializes in 13-24m flybridge motor yachts.

The Ferretti range is one of the most elegant in the world. One of the shipyard's signature achievements is the Ferretti 731, a 2004 model that ushered in an era of new yacht design. It was on the Ferretti 731 that glass became part of the hull for the first time, and an equal part, capable of withstanding loads and pressure. Do you remember how the hold of old-style yachts was illuminated? Round illuminator eyes. But the Ferretti 731 already had full-fledged glass panels. The yacht cruises silently up to 36 knots and stays level on the water thanks to the ARG stabilizers. The yacht is 22.68 meters long and 5.81 meters wide. Creating their masterpiece, Ferretti violated a lot of design laws, for example, they moved the control post to the center, and placed a huge solarium on the bow, there are also sun loungers, and the dining room with a bar and barbecue was moved to the stern under a mini-awning. The interior layout of the yacht is symmetrical, which visually increases the space. Light furniture, large windows instead of small portholes, plenty of light - all this makes the boat almost transparent and light. This innovative design has replaced heavy solid interiors.