Ferretti, one of the leading manufacturers of luxury motor yachts, has announced the extension of its contract with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries until 2011.

The Ferretti Group will continue to install ARG stabilizers on its yachts. For several years now, boats of the Italian brand have been equipped with gyroscopic stabilizers developed by Mitsubishi specifically for the Ferretti Group.

An attempt to use gyroscopes to combat roll on ocean-going ships was first made in the early twentieth century. Pretty soon, this system fell out of favor as hydrodynamic stabilizers proved to be lighter and cheaper. However, they were completely unsuitable for small ships, since their efficiency directly depended on the speed developed by the ship.

The Anti Rolling Gyro system, developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, uses the phenomenon of passive precession - the deviation of the yacht's hull from the vertical axis of balance under the action of waves - and is based on the CMG (control moment gyro) technology common on space satellites. It allows you to reduce pitching by more than 50 percent. Unlike other stabilizers, such as the very common wing stabilizer, the ARG fights roll not only when the ship is moving, but also when it is at anchor.

The first MSM-500 was designed and produced in 1995 and was intended for motorboats with a displacement of less than five tons. It weighed 130 kg and measured 710516470 mm. Mitsubishi later developed the MSM-2000/4000/12000 high power stabilizers for larger yachts.

On January 5, 2004, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. and the Ferretti Group signed an agreement according to which the new stabilization system was installed on the yachts of all companies included in the Ferretti association - Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Bertram, Riva, Apreamare, Mochi Craft, Custom Line and CRN. The cooperation turned out to be very successful, and the contract was renewed in 2006.

The Italian brand does not plan to abandon Mitsubishi products this time either. The association's CEO Vincenzo Cannatelli commented on the extension of the agreement: “We have always tried to offer our customers products created using advanced technologies. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries goes to great lengths to make our yachts as comfortable as possible.”

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