In Antarctica, a penguin jumped into a boat with tourists

Travel bloggers Matt Carsten and his wife Anna posted a breathtaking video online of a gentoo penguin jumping into their boat while escaping from a group of killer whales.

An unusual incident happened in the Gerlache Strait, at a time when bloggers Matt Karsten, his 32-year-old wife Anna, along with a group of other travelers, were making a guided tour. Suddenly, a group of killer whales swam up to the boats, and not far from them, tourists saw a lone penguin.

The killer whales did not allow the penguin to escape, pursued and forced him to rush between the boats. At some point, the animal made an attempt to jump into one of the boats. However, his efforts were unsuccessful - he hit the boat with his belly and fell into the water again. Some time later, the penguin tried again and this time, with the help of tourists, he managed to jump on board the boat.

According to Carsten, killer whales followed the boats for a while, but ended up leaving the seabird in the company of new friends. Tourists said the incident was like watching a National Geographic painting. Travelers are sure that the penguin was extremely happy that he managed to escape from killer whales.

Karsten added that the animal remained on board the boat until it was at a safe distance, after which it jumped into the water.

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