In Tivat, they plan to build a pier with a length of 70 m

The Department of Investments of the city of Tivat has started a process of debate on the assessment of the impact of the pier on the environment.

Lustica Development is in the process of approving a study for the construction of a pier intended for mooring of ships on section UP7 of the Sector 36 facility in the city of Tivat.

This plot is located near the Oblatna bay in Lustica. Here, more than ten years ago, the Racica company from Tivat began building a dock for cargo ships, but the project was not fully implemented. The company built a smaller breakwater and a foundation of reinforced concrete caissons for the construction of a harbor at Cape Tri krsta.

At this location, Lustica Development, in accordance with Sector 36 DSL, plans to build border crossing facilities for yachts that will arrive at their two harbors in the Lustica Bay resort in Krtoli, as well as a fuel supply facility for ships.

The first point of the project implementation is the construction of a new mooring pier on piles measuring 70 by 10 m, which will receive yachts up to 100 m long and catamarans up to 35 m.

The berth will also accommodate vessels for refueling ships, and an administrative building will be built. Inside the berth, it is planned to organize parking for 14 cars, a water bio-purifier, separators for oils and petroleum products, and a ramp for launching ships into the water.   

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