Loader driver misses towed yacht due to incompetence

A Canadian forklift driver, due to his incompetence and failure to follow safety rules, missed a small yacht that he was towing to the pier.

This tragicomic incident was captured by video cameras located on the pier.

The start of dramatic events was laid by the breakdown of special equipment. During towing, one of the forks fell off: either it was poorly fixed by the driver, or it broke due to the considerable age of the loading unit.

The tow rope slipped from the fork that fell off and, breaking off the leash, the yacht slowly rolled down the slope. The confused driver jumped out of the special equipment and rushed after the boat.

Meanwhile, the loader rolled back, rolled backwards to the side of the road, on the way it silently crushed a pickup truck parked in the parking lot, and drove off into the distance, in an unknown direction. The bewildered man realized that he could no longer catch up with the yacht, and in complete desperation rushed after the runaway loader. 

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