Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron announces cancellation of Youth America's Cup

It became known that the management of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron yacht club announced the cancellation of the Youth America's Cup in connection with the decision of the New Zealand authorities to tighten quarantine measures, in particular, restricting the entry of foreigners into the state.

19 teams from 13 countries of the world were planned to participate in the Youth America's Cup. A team from the Russian Federation PROyachting Skolkovo Team was preparing to take part in the competition, which for the first time in the history of its existence entered the competition of sailing ships of such a high level.

Recall that the Youth America's Cup sailing cup was organized in the last century and was held as a side event for the adult tournament in 2013 and 2017 under the patronage of Red Bull. The 2020 Cup was to be hosted by the Royal New Zealand Yacht Club Squadron, China Sports Industry Group and the New Zealand team Emirates.

The Russian PROyachting Skolkovo Team was founded by the PROyachting club, created by Ekaterina Skudina, multiple European and world champion in sailing.

In turn, the PROyachting club was responsible for organizing the sports section, including the selection of athletes, logistics, and the establishment of the training process. Skudina herself, who has three Olympic competitions, became the director of the yacht team.      

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