Water transport Moscow-1

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin supported the initiative to launch two river transport lines in the capital of the Russian Federation.

It is planned to lay two routes along the water area of the city, one of which will run from Filevsky Park to Kievsky railway station, and the second - from Novodanilovskaya embankment to the Pechatniki district. According to the plan presented by the mayor's office, the water interchange will be an integral part of the transport infrastructure of the capital, functioning throughout the year.

The first line will cover four regions - Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, Fili Park, Presnensky and Dorogomilovsky districts. The second line will follow the route from Novodanilovskaya embankment to Pechatniki. The choice of routes is explained by the fact that residential areas are being built up in these areas today, and the issue of accessible transport links has become especially acute for their residents.

Water transport Moscow

However, the river transport project in Moscow needs detailed development. To implement it, it will be necessary to reconstruct bridges and berths, improve the coastal areas adjacent to the river, and move public transport parking closer to the piers.

The city administration promised to launch water transport this year. But due to the pandemic, the launch was postponed to 2021-2022.    

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