As you know, officially the head of state does not have his own yacht. Putin can only use the state courts that he inherited from the former rulers.

At the same time, there is evidence that the President has three ships at his disposal - among them the legendary Kavkaz, the brand new Pallada and the megayacht Olympia.
As you know, officially the head of state does not have his own yacht. Putin can only use the state courts that he inherited from the former rulers. At the same time, there is evidence that the President has three ships at his disposal - among them the legendary Kavkaz, the brand new Pallada and the megayacht Olympia.

However, in reality, only one old ship "Rossiya" can use for the President of the Russian Federation. Once, Vladimir Vladimirovich was offered to build a new representative yacht, but the construction of a vessel worthy of the President of our state could cost about 50 million dollars. Vladimir Putin did not want to go to such expense and instead decided to renovate Rossiya.

Rossiya was born at the shipyard of A. A. Zhdanov in 1973. The yacht was intended for Leonid Brezhnev, then passed to Boris Yeltsin, and then it was “inherited” by Vladimir Putin. In 1993, Rossiya was repaired and equipped with new equipment at one of the Finnish shipyards. On the presidential yacht, the galley and ventilation system were re-equipped, new fire-fighting equipment was installed and the room was re-finished. Finally, in 2002, the ship underwent "Putin's" modernization. "Russia" was entrusted to the Nizhny Novgorod design bureau "Vympel" - the architects had to not only update the ship, but also make it more comfortable and maneuverable. First, they changed the main engines and navigational equipment, then upgraded the deck and living quarters. The next planned modernization is waiting for "Russia" in 2017.

What is "Russia"? A fairly large three-deck vessel 83 meters long and 12 meters wide. The ship can reach speeds of up to 30 km / h thanks to two engines of 1500 horsepower each. Today, on board the "old woman" "Rossiya" there are three luxury cabins, 18 double cabins, a spacious conference room and a restaurant, a lounge and a sauna. A cafe is equipped on the veranda, and on board the designers placed a five-meter boat "Chirok" made of fiberglass, its price is 30 thousand euros.

Now about unofficial possessions of Putin. Kavkaz is a rare 45-meter yacht built in 1980. In fact, there were originally two twin yachts - "Caucasus" and "Crimea", both built by order of Leonid Brezhnev. Outwardly, they are so similar that they can only be distinguished by nameplates. The collapse of the Soviet Union divided the yachts - "Crimea" sailed to Ukraine, "Kavkaz" remained in Russia. From Brezhnev, the yacht passed to Gorbachev, then to Boris Yeltsin. Formally, "Kavkaz" belongs to the Federal Border Service, but Vladimir Vladimirovich from time to time uses this yacht for official receptions.

The cost of the last repair, according to rumors, cost about a million dollars. Today, the ship has new engines that allow it to accelerate to 80 km / h, and advanced navigation devices. Passengers do not suffer from seasickness, as the yacht has a stabilization system that protects the yacht from pitching. In the cabins of the "Caucasus" everything is done to achieve the European comfort of luxury yachts. Acoustic systems and plasma panels. Stretch French mirror ceilings. The walls and furniture are finished with cherry, cherry, teak panels. Sofas sparkle with white genuine leather.

The yacht, 45 meters long, is designed to accommodate 10 people, and the designers arranged the vessel in such a way that nothing interferes with high-ranking guests on it. For example, crew members cannot go to the upper deck, where the owner of the yacht is having breakfast at this time.

The 31-meter Pallada is a yacht that did not belong to the president for long, and was never officially registered with him at all. The price of the yacht is four million dollars (together with finishing and repairs - 6.7 million), year of manufacture - 2003, speed - 19 knots or 25 km / h, four crew members. The yacht is designed to receive eight high-ranking passengers. Guido de Groot, an architect from Holland, worked on the design of the ship, and the construction of the Pallada itself took place in record time - only a year and two months.

The modest beauty has seven cabins - simple and comfortable, trimmed with mahogany. Leather sofas, home theater, gym and elegant bar. The President was on the yacht only a few times when he came as a pilgrim to Valaam. The yacht was presented to the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Valaam Monastery, but the gift for the monks turned out to be unexpectedly expensive and troublesome. “Pallada”, or as the monks wanted to call it “The Tsaritsa”, is not just millions of dollars afloat, it needs an owner who himself is immersed in luxury. The yacht went to the monks along with echo sounders, mooring cameras, unique interiors and a crew of four. Imagine how much the team’s salary and the cost of fuel, polishes and shampoos for a thousand lacquered parts (something around 20,000 rubles a month) will cost, and you will understand why the Valaam monks refused the gift. The yacht was transferred to the storage of the Moscow Shipbuilding Plant, as it already needs the first cosmetic repairs. In addition, the Pallada cannot stay in the port all the time; with the onset of cold weather, its fragile hull simply cannot withstand the pressure of ice.

Olympia is a real royal yacht, which, according to rumors, was presented to the president by the disgraced oligarch Roman Abramovich. Only one finish of the yacht cost several million dollars, the ship itself is estimated at 50 million.

The name of the real owner of the yacht is still carefully hidden. It is only known for certain that the yacht was built at the shipyards of the Dutch shipbuilders Feadship and that this is one of the hundred largest yachts in the world. On board the 57-meter "Olympia" there are several boats for water trips, a jacuzzi with a bar and a barbecue is installed on the upper level. The attraction of the yacht is a chic bathroom, the width of which is only a third less than the width of the yacht itself, the bathroom is lined with pink marble. The British and Americans worked on the design of the cabins - they trimmed the decks with rare varieties of pickled ash, decorated the side with a colonnade of valuable maple. The yacht itself was being finalized in Amsterdam, and then through Tuapse arrived in Sochi to its mysterious owner.

It turns out that if this yacht belongs personally to Vladimir Vladimirovich, then this is the only ship of the President of the Russian Federation. "Caucasus" and "Russia" are state yachts, and "Pallada" is completely owned by the church.

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