Superyacht REV Ocean is one of the longest yachts in the world. But it surprises not only with its size, but also with its equipment.

And all because the owner of the ship, Kjell Inge Rekke, is very determined to save the oceans. He made his fortune mostly through offshore drilling and fishing.

The vessel, which perfectly combines the chic of a yacht and the capabilities of a laboratory, feels confident away from the coast, where specialists are engaged in the study of what is in the ocean. Thus, the superyacht REV Ocean not only has the longest length, but has also been the largest research vessel for several years.

According to experts traveling on a yacht for scientific purposes, there is all the necessary equipment, there is a dive apparatus, it is able to descend to a depth of more than 2 km. There are as many as three laboratories for different purposes - in one, tests are carried out for working with liquids related to biological areas. There are microbiological and geological laboratories.

There are two more laboratories where they work with analyzes, there is a media laboratory, and all the equipment with which you can extract all kinds of samples from a depth of 6 thousand meters. The yacht is capable of carrying more than 50 scientists and almost 40 crew members. If it functions as a charter, then there are 14 cabins for 28 guests, and the crew increases to 54 people.

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