For the first time in its history, H&M has teamed up with surf collective Women + Waves to release unique swimwear crafted from highly durable materials.

The difference between the collection can be called the design, familiar to the beginning of the 90s of the last century, all swimwear are suitable for those who are used to leading an active lifestyle.

The assortment of the collection includes both one-piece and separate swimsuits, there are rubber wetsuits, all of which are intended for relaxing on the coast or playing sports on the water. The line also includes hoodies, accessories, T-shirts, with personalized logos.

For the swimwear, we selected a mix of fabrics that contain at least half of sustainable fibers, including recycled polyamide and polyester, as well as organic cotton. All silhouettes are very strict and graceful, the colors are also quite strict, there are no shades of red, as well as blue.

The authors of the collection assured that they were trying to create the most practical models that convey the power of women surfing. H&M admits to being amazed by the strength and positivity of female surfers. Thus, it was possible to release functional bathing suits.

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