Not every person is able to relax in such a way as to leave everything and go to a place where there is not even a telephone connection, where there are only sincere and truly free friends.

mountain tourism

One of the outdoor activities is mountaineering, named after the Alpine mountains, which were first climbed in 1786. Despite all the risks of mountaineering, every year more and more people fall ill with this sport, the desire to reach the peaks, overcome natural obstacles. Depending on the preparedness of the athletes, a certain height of the peak, the complexity and length of the route are chosen.

During the existence of mountaineering, there were many conquered peaks, but there were also defeats. The main equipment of a climber is a rope, an ice ax and hooks, and the worst thing is if it fails. You can go down into caves, conquer peaks, but you always need to be extremely careful. The desire to find a more difficult route, to achieve better results, pulls people into this sport.

Today, films are made about mountaineering, songs are sung, but nothing brings people together like a bunch in which everyone depends on a friend. Any climber, before climbing to the top, undergoes training on wall climbing, and only then is he allowed to make easier climbs first, and then difficult ones. Mountain tourism, like mountaineering, differs in that climbers have less amateur performance and all actions must comply with certain regulations.

Water tourism

Diving is the best form of sports recreation for lovers of the sea and scuba diving. Wearing special equipment, a diver can dive underwater for a while and explore the beauty of the underwater world. Diving is practiced by people who are united by one passion - love for the sea and exploring its depths. Divers can see with their own eyes the beauty of the deep sea: groves of algae, corals and sea flowers, schools of unprecedented fish and much more.

This sports recreation includes several types. They differ in the purpose of exploring the sea depths and in their complexity. For example, underwater speleology is the most difficult and dangerous type of diving. Speleology can literally be called the science of caves. This type of diving is available only to professionals. Only experienced divers can explore underwater caves.

There is also safe diving, which is no less interesting - this is a diving safari. It includes boat trips and scuba diving. This type of diving is more related to amateur diving.

What could be better than a wave caught on the board? Surfing is one of the few sports that allows you to feel free, once you stand on the board, you return to it over and over again. But river rafting became more extreme recreation on the water. Here you will have to withstand large overloads, so you should pay attention not only to the choice of a kayak or kayak, but also to physical training. It should be noted that rivers for rafting in Russia are available in sufficient quantities for tourists with varying degrees of preparedness.

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