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For a skateboarder, two things are important - a skateboard and sneakers, because without one of these elements it is simply impossible to skateboard.

The same situation occurs if one of the elements is of poor quality. That is why skateboarders take the choice of boards and sneakers very seriously.


The quality of a sneaker (and indeed any shoe) is determined by the sole. Skateboarding involves intense friction of the sole on the surface of the skateboard, and therefore even high-quality shoes do not last long - after a month it becomes unusable. However, the sole should not be too hard either - otherwise the skateboarder will lose contact with the board. 


An important point is to ensure good ventilation - for this, special materials such as synthetic fabric or dense cotton fabric are usually used, which, moreover, are very light. 

• Along with good ventilation, good protection should be provided for the entire foot - on the sides and for the toes. 

• Usually, the protection is not made from the material from which the sneakers are made, but from a more durable one. Carefully inspect the protection before purchasing a sneaker.


For skate shoes, a stable last is important. It must fix the position of the foot, do it reliably, because during the performance of tricks the skater needs to fully control both the board and the position of the feet, and therefore, when choosing a shoe, pay attention to the block. Remember that it should be not only reliable, but also comfortable - there is absolutely no need for a skater to restrict movement. In addition, some sneakers have a recess in the back of the last that prevents stretching of the tendons - give preference to these models.

Important nuances of choice

Skate shoes need to be flexible for mobility and durable for safety. Both of these qualities should extend to both the sides and the back of the shoe. 

  • Very often, the rearfoot wrap is sewn to the lateral sides, and the forefoot wrap is sewn to the base of the foot. 
  • Check the product for defects. Sticking out threads, unreliably sewn material - any little thing can cost you serious injuries. 
  • To increase safety, arch supports and stabilizers are sewn into the sneakers - check for their presence. 
  • Pay attention even to the tongue - it should be large and soft to protect the foot from the blows of the board.

When choosing a shoe, attention should be paid to the price. Quality products are usually expensive, so if you suddenly see a cheap model that is very similar to a branded counterpart, do not rush to take it. You will only throw money away - such sneakers will not last long. In addition, if you choose sneakers carefully, then you will distinguish the real from the fake even visually. Sticking out threads, glue, a crookedly attached label - all this gives out a Chinese manufacturer. 

And the last thing - when you buy sneakers, it is important to stay in them as long as possible: go around the store, let your foot get used to it, in order to understand whether you need to take this pair or not. If the heel does not fit tightly with the heel, and the fingers rest against the toe, and in general the leg is uncomfortable - choose another pair.

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