Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez board the superyacht Koru

The billionaire was spotted with a girlfriend aboard a sailboat in Mallorca.

Amazon billionaire founder Jeff Bezos was spotted with his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez on his new yacht Koru, valued at nearly $500 million.

The yacht was delivered to her owner this week after several lengthy delays, including a minor dispute in the Netherlands. Photos posted online show the yacht's happy owners sunbathing on deck.

Bezos and Sanchez boarded the giant three-masted ship Koru for their first cruise in Mallorca, Spain, basking in the Mediterranean sun.

Sanchez, 53, showed off her trim figure in a pink bikini and white cape, while Bezos, 59, was pictured in blue swim trunks and a cream jacket. The couple, who began dating in 2019, embarked on their maiden voyage on a yacht that is considered the tallest sailboat in the world at 230 feet.

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