The cost of the billiard table, which can be played even in pitching conditions, is $300,000. 

The French automaker, known for its luxury cars, has unveiled an unusual piece of furniture - a pool table for a luxury yacht. Created in collaboration with the Spanish company IXO, which specializes in carbon fiber products, the table has the unusual feature of being able to adjust to changes in ground level and self-level. 

Bugatti introduces a pool table for luxury yachts

Thus, if the guests of a luxury yacht, and it is for such vehicles that a unique product is intended, want to play billiards, then no vagaries of the sea will stand in their way. A special system with gyroscopic sensors built into the design of the billiard table is able to separately adjust each of the four legs. Height adjustment to keep the playing surface at the same level occurs in 5 milliseconds, this process is absolutely silent. That is, everything is done to ensure that players get the most out of the game and do not notice any table movements.

Bugatti introduces a pool table for luxury yachts

The Bugatti billiard table, like its cues, is not made of traditional wood, but carbon fiber, using aluminum and titanium structures. Ball pockets are made of stainless steel with leather lining, they are attached to the table with titanium fittings and decorated with Bugatti logos. Special accessory boxes contain everything you need to play, including a set of Aramith Tournament Pro balls in a branded leather case.

Bugatti introduces a pool table for luxury yachts

The table comes with a separate LED ceiling light and wall cue holder. And scoring can be done on a special touch screen with a diagonal of 13 inches, located on the holder.

Bugatti and IXO plan to produce just 30 of these tables, with the first five pieces to be ready as early as 2021 and will start shipping to customers from June. The price of a unique accessory will be about $300,000.

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