Top 10 Christmas gifts for yachtsmen

The theme of gifts for yachtsmen is almost always associated with the equipment of the vessel or the necessary accessories on board.

If you do not know what to give to a person who is engaged in or enjoys yachting, then we offer several interesting ideas - from very budget to expensive ones.

  1. Solar Power Bank. Quite often, boat owners are faced with a shortage of electricity on board or charging various electrical devices. Power Bank will be an excellent solution to this problem. When choosing, you need to give preference to durable, waterproof models.
  2. Flashlight and Power Bank 2 in 1. In many situations, a flashlight with LEDs that do not burn out will be a lifesaver. And if it can be simultaneously used as a Power Bank, then there will be no price for such a gift.   
  3. Nautical style unbreakable glasses. Such a present is an excellent choice for lovers of creativity. Glasses for champagne, whiskey, wine, water glasses, made of impact-resistant safe material, are indispensable on board the yacht and will save owners from unnecessary worries about broken glass.
  4. Ashtray with non-slip base. An ashtray is a great gift for smokers, and a stylish and original ashtray with a non-slip base is an indispensable and practical accessory on board. You can choose a product made of genuine leather, suede, wood, stainless steel, etc.
  5. portable coffee machine. Delicious fragrant natural coffee is a constant companion of any athlete, so everyone is guaranteed to like the mini coffee machine.
  6. Sunglasses. This accessory is very important for an athlete, because quite often the sun interferes with the normal control of the vessel. There are models with a special coating that reliably protect not only from the sun, but from wind and rain.
  7. Functional equipment. Every yachtsman needs good quality clothing. It can be: a hat, a windbreaker, yachting gloves, boots or special shoes, thermal underwear.
  8. Digital camera with waterproof case. Going on a trip on a yacht, of course, its owner will want to capture the most spectacular places and beauties of the marine world. For such purposes, a camera with a high-quality waterproof case is ideal.
  9. marine binoculars. When choosing binoculars, you need to take into account that it must have a high aperture ratio, which is necessary for observing at night, as well as protection from wind and water.
  10. yacht clock. A multifunctional watch is a rather expensive, but welcome gift. Today there are many models with various functions: from a simple compass to a man overboard option. Ideally, yacht watch can be integrated with the electronics on board.

Taking care of choosing a gift for yachtsmen, experts recommend giving preference to practical, versatile gifts that can be used all year round.

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