Dmitry Pelevin single-handedly crossed the Pacific Ocean on a yacht

Dmitry Pelevin, a Russian programmer and experienced yachtsman, made a solo sea voyage on a sailboat across the Pacific Ocean to return to New Zealand and finally see his son Andrey.

Pelevin's sea voyage lasted about six months, of which the man spent almost three in the ocean. On December 24, the Russian entered the port of Gulf Harbor near Auckland. During this period, he swam 13,000 km.

Dmitry's big "adventure" began in March of this year, when flights began to be canceled around the world due to the rapid development of the Chinese virus. At that time, the man flew to France, where as a result he got stuck for a long time. During this period, he thought a lot and decided to sail to New Zealand, and on a sailboat. For these purposes, he specially purchased a 37-foot vessel and began preparatory measures.

In July, together with other yachtsmen, he started from Martinique and headed for Panama to go through the Panama Canal to the Pacific Ocean. However, due to difficulties with documents, Pelevin had to spend two months in Panama. By the end of September, the man managed to get through the Panama Canal and out into the Pacific Ocean alone. Dmitry planned to get to Zealand by his son's birthday - October 17, but on the way he encountered a breakdown of the yacht.

At the beginning of December, the Russian fixed problems with the ship and on the 21st sent an SMS message via satellite that he had reached Gulf Harbor and tested for coronavirus. On December 24, the yachtsman was let into the port, where his ex-wife Olga and seven-year-old son Andrey were waiting for him. The New Zealand government allowed Pelevin not to comply with the 14-day quarantine, as he was all alone for the last months of his voyage.  

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