Ricochet 26 (ORC Grand Prix 26 class)

"Design Group RICOCHET» is an enterprise that since 1990 has been designing sailing and motor yachts, boats and vessels of the auxiliary fleet. 

"Design Group RICOCHET» created more than 20 projects of sailing yachts from 5.5 to 22 meters in length (more than a thousand yachts were built under these projects in Russia and the CIS), powerful motor yachts from 9.5 to 46 meters, large motor vessels from 15.5 to 31, 5 meters, as well as non-self-propelled vessels of large carrying capacity. "Design Group RICOCHET» performs a full range of design work - from the development of technical specifications for design to the provision of technical assistance in construction and participates in ship testing. The company is engaged not only in the development of new projects, but also in the preparation of repair and modernization projects. Employees of the company were trained and trained to work in the FORAN V50 system (Hull development, Outfitting). 

The flagship of the Ricochet company is model 21270 Burevestnik. This is a service boat for the Leningrad Naval Base and in fact a VIP-class motor yacht with a length of 27.4 meters and a displacement of 87.80 tons. The yacht is designed for 6 passengers and 30 guests, two engines with a capacity of 1030 kW reach speeds of up to 22 knots. The boat was built for the celebration of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, and on the basis of this boat, new projects of marine motor yachts were developed.

One of the company's latest projects is the serial production of the Ricochet 26 monotype yachts. This series of yachts is designed for sailing races and sea cruising. And this is the only yacht in Russia that complies with the rules of the ORC Grand Prix 26 class, a yacht capable of participating in both Russian regattas and international competitions. “Ricochet 26” is designed for a crew of five people, this vessel is 7.90 meters long and has a draft of 1.90 meters, with a fiberglass hull. This is a comfortable and comfortable yacht suitable for sailing and recreation on the high seas. The yacht is equipped with equipment from leading Western companies.

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