The unpleasant situation with the coronavirus pandemic has affected many sports championships and individual competitions.

The Russian yachting season is also under threat. It usually starts in late April or early May depending on weather conditions, but now the first events took place only in July. The victims include not only ordinary owners of yachts, but also organizers of various exhibitions of boats and other types of water transport.

What to expect from domestic Boat Shows in 2020

The first in importance can be called the Moscow Yacht Show (MYS). This year the exhibition was supposed to take place in the last days of May. But the quarantine had its effect, mass events in Moscow are still not welcomed, it was originally assumed that the exhibition would be held from August 7 to 9. But the mayor's office did not react too approvingly to these dates, and the exhibition was again moved to a later date - autumn. But there is a high probability that it will still be canceled. Participants so far agree to present their products.

St. Petersburg International Boat Show (SPIBS) is traditionally held in St. Petersburg in autumn. The hopes of the organizers that the event will not have to be postponed or canceled are justified. So far, everything is going as planned, especially since the situation with the pandemic in the northern capital is milder than in Moscow. The option of holding one general exhibition - in St. Petersburg, in order to cancel the Moscow one is being considered.

An exhibition in Samara was planned for May 16-17. It was supposed to be the novelty of the season, but the same coronavirus changed the plans of the organizers. Now for the exhibition have chosen new dates September 26-27. It will not be as large as in the capital, which means that attendance is expected to be less. As for the June exhibition in Kazan, they decided not to postpone it, but to cancel it until next year. In the remaining three cases, the organizers assure that they will provide visitors with complete safety.

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