World's first hydrogen powered yacht unveiled in Monaco

French shipbuilder Hynova Yacht has unveiled the world's first hydrogen-powered yacht.

On September 18, the yacht called The New Era left the La Ciotat shipyard. The founder of the French brand, Chloe Zayed, said that he would remember this day forever. On his social media page, he wrote that the hard work that has been done by the best engineers and designers will now be appreciated.

Yacht La Ciotat is a 12-meter vessel capable of carrying up to 12 people. It is powered by the world's first fuel cell electric motor that runs on hydrogen. The engine is absolutely silent and does not emit carbon dioxide.

The exterior of the yacht, which is a harmonious symbiosis of luxury and environmental friendliness, was developed in collaboration with the Marseille company Lab Syroco.

Representatives of Hynova Yacht noted that future vessels will be made from materials that are characterized by a minimal negative impact on the environment. According to La Provence, yachts "as far as possible" will be made from harmless materials throughout France.       

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